Diaverum announced a new five-year dialysis contract with the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, continuing its partnership from 2013 until 2023.

Diaverum, one of the world’s leading renal care service providers, has announced that it has signed a new five year dialysis contract with the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, continuing its partnership from 2013 until 2023. The company currently treats more than 4,300 patients in Saudi Arabia suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD) by providing haemodialysis services from 35 clinics in over 27 cities and towns.  As a result, Diaverum is the largest private renal care service provider in the region.

Over the past five years Diaverum has invested heavily to build a nationwide infrastructure of dialysis clinics as well as transferred its medical and operational knowledge, to provide world-class renal services for Saudi Arabian patients. This has achieved high medical outcomes and patient satisfaction levels, the highest secured within the Diaverum network globally.

The provision of renal care services is part of the drive in the country’s development plan, Vision 2030, which seeks to improve public service sectors and transform the Saudi Arabian health sector into an accessible and effective system in line with international standards and best practices.

“Our commitment to the transformation of the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia continues. We have developed a long-term partnership with the Ministry of Health and proven that we can deliver the highest medical quality and patient satisfaction in all regions, cities, and towns of Saudi Arabia. We are proud to have gained the renewed trust of the Ministry to continue providing care for Saudi Arabian patients,” said Mr. Dag Andersson, Chairman, Diaverum Arabia.

The renewed contract from the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia will enable Diaverum to continue its integrated and patient-centred approach to renal care by offering vascular access surgeries, holiday dialysis and provide other patient services such as pharmacy, dietician and social services in its clinics. Diaverum will also continue to invest in localising the renal care service by training Saudi Arabian nurses in the field of dialysis through its d.ACADEMY in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The five-year contract will be governed by a number of key performance indicators (KPI), both medical and non-medical, to ensure value and outcome-based approach to health care services in Saudi Arabia.

Signing of contract between His Excellency Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfig Al Rabiah and Mr. Dag Andersson, Chairman, Diaverum Arabia.

“We are happy to further develop the relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sweden with a focus on health care. The partnership will increase the inclusion of new patients, provide them with treatment opportunities with high quality standards, as the number of dialysis centers will reach over 40 centers in various regions within the Kingdom. Many of the value-added services will increase, where beneficiaries will be able to access these services while traveling inside or outside the Kingdom as well as access many other services such as health education and nutrition services.  The project also improves the performance of treatment services by applying the international best standards in dialysis techniques by providing specialized medical staff in all centers and providing all the therapeutic and diagnostic services through these centers“ said His Excellency Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfig Al Rabiah.

The number of patients with ESRD is expected to increase by 7% annually as a result of a growing and ageing population as well as lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

“We will invest in expanding the Diaverum network of dialysis clinics with additional clinics to continue providing accessible and efficient dialysis care in all of Saudi Arabia. However, we also believe there is a need to actively work on increasing awareness of both preventive and transplantation care, to decrease the burden of non-communicable diseases on the health care system,” says Eng. Ziyad Kabli, Managing Director Middle East, Diaverum.



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